Targeting first and last rows in CSS grid layouts


I was recently asked is it possible to select every element in the last row of a grid containing an arbitrary number of items using CSS selectors? Not wanting to shy away from a challenge, I started hacking and found a solution which I’ve written up along with a few other techniques for targeting elements… Continue Reading

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Google Analytics Debugger for Firefox Update

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I’ve released a small update to my Google Analytics Debugger add-on for Firefox. This post details the latest changes. Download the Add-on HTTPS support GA Debugger now tracks data over HTTPS connections. The previous release only intercepted __utm.gif requests to The progress listener interface now listens for requests to too, allowing you monitor… Continue Reading

The state of CSS 3D transforms


If you follow me on twitter you’ll know I’ve been experimenting with CSS 3D transforms to see how far I can push them. A while back I wrote a very simple first person demo built using HTML, CSS3 and a splash of JavaScript. The 3D enviroment was constructed entirely from <div> elements that were positioned… Continue Reading

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Moving IE specific CSS into @media blocks


Here’s an alternative method for writing IE specific style rules without having to move them into separate files. The idea is to put your IE styles into a @media block that will only be applied in certain versions of IE. I discovered this trick while looking for a way to write a media query pass-through… Continue Reading

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Working with elements before the DOM is ready


I’ve been looking into ways to modify elements before DOMContentLoaded so that enhancements can be made as an element is rendered to the screen allowing users to begin interacting with a page even if it hasn’t finished loading or if rendering is being blocked by 3rd party assets such as banner ads or tracking code…. Continue Reading

Faster parallax scrolling websites in Firefox


Parallax scrolling websites have become very popular recently. Some of the effects are pretty striking and create a very engaging user experience. I’ve been looking into parallax scrolling for something I’m designing but noticed a real issue with speed when using the effect in Firefox, so over the weekend, I set about addressing the problem…. Continue Reading

Responsive images using cookies


A while ago now, I tweeted about using cookies as a means of serving images to a browser based on the size of the device viewport. Scott Jehl has already implemented the idea into a branch of his responsive images script but now that I have a platform to document my ideas I’ve decided to… Continue Reading

IE conditional comments and asset load order


Yesterday I was experimenting with a few ideas for decreasing the start-up time of selectivizr (something I’ll be posting about in the future). Part of the testing process was to establish if the position of the selectivizr script in a document had any affect on its start-up time. While testing I noticed an interesting side… Continue Reading